i don't know but i've been told before

that our god is a woman and that woman is a whore

and if you've got yourself some money, you will be redeemed

if you've got some money that you're willing to spend

you will be redeemed

you believe in your god, and i'll believe in my god

and we'll both be damned

all my friends ride horses, well at least one of them still might

haven't seen her for years; she came to me in a dream the other night

said billions of babies have been born in this place so far

not one of them has left knowing quite who they are

you believe in my god, and i'll believe in your god

and we'll both be damned

if the words i say became religion, well this would be the gist

you can do anything you want to, but you'll never ever really exist

you believe in your gods, and i'll believe in my gods

we'll both be damned

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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