you say that you don't think those two are really in love, but
some people die by hanging - it is quick, it is painless
and it's over with no time to think about how their feet
have finally stopped getting in the way of their flying.

most people around here die slowly of illnesses that
make them weak as their hearts take less blood to fill with each
day that passes, until they finally go in their sleep
with not much life left to lose as the last breath is let loose.

being shot in the gut is the best way - it is as intense
as trouble gets; each breath is
the gift of a thousand years
of suffering and you can scream and
cry out loud as you
want, with no shame, 'cause no one who
sees the fierceness in yr.

eyes will question you - and all this
is to say that when you
question their love you are a gutshot soldier telling a
man dangling from a noose that he is not really dying.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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