i knew this man.

in the mid-fifties, the first time anyone

used teflon as a metaphor

shortly after anyone used teflon on a pan

it was used to describe him

he let it all go

left nothing in his will

there's a tiny wood cross in the middle

of the empty plains

to mark his body

as it turns to dirt

that the wind'll take away

his hair was wild like dylan's in 66 and mine was parted

down the center

he told me someday we'll all come back

to where all the places we've been

used to be but the places we've been

will all be gone and that's all right

he told me that the phrase 'true north'

was a lie or a joke or just wrong depending on who was telling it

i told him that kindness is staying

still except for when you have to till

the fields, farmer

he ran his fingernails along my wrist

his hair was wild like dylan's in 66 and then we parted

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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