wait patiently with me as the water rises fast this black
wet night when christ's love is too much to ask, stay close
as the water rises above us and passes over us
don't let its flow pull you away - i am helpless, beneath.

sleep comes quickly, but different this time: the sun doesn't
set; it spoils, rots, falls away and it's so dark on this
earth and we are all so sorry and my eyes do not move in
my skull - they settle in the sockets and are still, permanently.

what was glorious is now gone and what i have been has been
small and the light here is now dull; we have all fallen,
we have all fallen apart, and all see in this cellar is broken,

but you. you who have not failed me or the world, you who
has helped this infirm soldier stable himself as the shells
fell on this shaky ground - please, love, wait with me.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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