the pre-seizure glow

of the epileptic

is what i meant before

my dreams are so

lucid lately

last night's was

i was getting into the shower

and talking to this fat girl

i work with

and i asked her if we were going

to have sex later and she

said yes

then i showered

then i talked to her some more

then i showered again

then i decided i needed a bath

so i started the water running

it was taking for ever so

i went downstairs and my family was there

my father walked into the room

and in the dream he was alive

and had been in montreal for

15 months without telling us where

he had gone or why

and no one else would talk to him

but me and i was kind and then

i remembered the water was running upstairs

and thought the bathroom would be flooded

so i ran up to see and the drain

had collapsed into the pipes

so there was no water in the tub

i clogged it with a towel

and filled it up again

and got in, but the water was cold

i was dissapointed

the girl from my work and my dad walked in

and then i woke up

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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