the horses are pretty when they're running, and beautiful
when standing still snorting and sighing in the rain and they
will not whinny as they wait there wet while we decide which
to wager on - they will save their voices for smaller crowds.

i watch the mist rise from their nostrils while i dig out the
small bills in my pockets to see what's left - if i don't lose
it here it will be somewhere else, and i like inventing
complex mathematical formulas to blow my cash with.

if i hit it big we'll buy that castle down the road - there's
no moat, but at least there's turrets (our archers will have to
be midgets) - or if they won't sell it we'll hire hitmen to

take them out and if their kids won't sell it, then we'll just have
to find a nice hilltop and build our own - we won't have
horses in the yard, 'cause giraffes have lovelier eyelashes.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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