there's a farmer wishing next year's crops'll turn out

there's man wishing his true love will be near him soon

there's a mother wishing her daughter will come back from the war ok

there's a blind man wishing he could see again

there's a boy wishing he could walk again

a drunk pretty girl wishing someone would notice her

a woman wishing her husband would have a heart attack and end up in a coma and that all her friends would tell her to move on

a man wishing he could brush his teeth

a woman wishing she'd bleed

a barber wishing he could quit his job right there if only he had any small reason that would make sense to everyone else

kids playing hockey hoping for a carless street

an old woman wishing for time if only to remember

and all those stars fall

for no one

but it's all right

because the sun rises

for no one

but still warms us all

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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