here's what i'm trying to say: there is a state that humans can reach that is the absolute best state they can be in. many states really, there is the best state joy-wise, serenity-wise, comfort-wise, understanding-wise, physically, spiritually, calm-wise, ecstatically, manically, and lots of other different ways and maybe even all these different things at once. most people, i'd say, reach this state a few times in their lives, for various reasons and maybe even no identifiable reasons. if you think about it, you might remember times you felt like this. you might not. but they happen. believe me. the point is, that, once you reach this state in any or all of those ways of reaching it. there is no possible way it could get better. if it did, you wouldn't notice. it's not that better things can't happen to improve how you feel, it's that you can only perceive, you can only feel the goodness so strongly. you already feel the most extreme pleasure possible, in some way. if something improves, it's not noticeable. now, given that everything in the universe is in some sort of flux, this feeling is going to change. due to the fact that it's the best way possibly to feel, it can only change for the worst. and relative to this end point of ecstasty, of happiness, of bliss; everything seems pale. but perhaps the memory of it is enough to keep you content as it falls away, as joy falls away. or as you fall away. because maybe we can say this end state is you, is what you were meant to be. so i see falling not as a tragic thing, but as the inevitable thing that happens once you've been to where you want to be. the move away should be enjoyed as much as the move towards the state of absolute bliss.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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