so at one in the morning

we decided to leave the party and

walk back to the city

we didn't know if we were going to right direction

the highway didn't seem to have any signs

but after we got over this hill

we could see the lights

and i realized we could have known

because if you looked away from the city

you could see the stars

and if you looked towards it

you could only see black sky

no cars we tried to wave down would pick us up

one cowboyhatted boy slowed to scream at us

and one lady stopped to ask if we were ok

and told us to have fun

we got there around three

cold and hungry

and our friend gave us a ride the rest of the way

i kept a duck feather

from the ducks in the pond of the

funeral home we stopped at on the way

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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