ok, so this other dream:

i was away visiting someone in another country

when i find out one of my friends has died

so i start walking back home

on the way back his dad phones me on a cellular phone and tells me again

and we both say sorry to each other

so next i get to his house

which, in the dream, is sitting by itself on top of this huge hill with a brown picket fence completely surrounding it

i go inside the house and walk through to the backyard

in the backyard there's a jeep

in the back of the jeep

there's my friend who is not moving

presumably dead

his dad and another one of my friends shows up and we decide we have to move the jeep

and start trying to do so

after we start moving it

i notice my dead friend moving

i think i'm imagining it, so i don't say anything

then my other friend notices it too

and it turns out he's been alive the whole time

he's just been sitting in this jeep for five days straight without moving or breathing

because he was sick and tired of it

the jeep was broken, though, so we took it into a garage and tried to fix it

the engine ended up exploding

that's about all of it

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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