i remember playing in the sandbox by myself

using a teaspoon trying to dig to the core of the planet

trying to get to lava, and start a volcano in my backyard

that would destroy the whole neighbourhood

this bee flew really fast straight into the fence

and fell down, it stood up and walked around in circles a bit

then started flying crazily

it must have been recently blinded

it was flying so frantically and desperately

in completely random directions

until it smashed into the fence again

(i swear i actually heard its head breaking when it hit)

and fell down onto a brick

and started twitching

this time it didn't get up

it stopped twitching

it died

i left it there

and it stayed on that brick for about a week

i gave up on digging down to molten rock the day it disappeared

i was pretty sure the neighbourhood would destroy itself

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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