i won't tell you

it's the worst mistake

you'll ever make

but later i will tell you

that i wanted to tell you

that it would be the worst

mistake you'd ever make

and then you'll say why

didn't you tell me that

it would be the worst mistake

i'd ever make and

i will say to you that

i didn't tell you it was

the worst mistake you'd

ever make because unlike you

i try to avoid making

horrible mistakes

and that you should

try to get to sleep

try anything

hello vegas

if you ever meet me

i ask that you drink

until i'm beautiful

then have another one

to get you talking

and tell me that's

what you think

and i'd tell you

you're crazy

and wrong were it

worth the effort

to let you know

my soul's still that

what's right stays

calm and that i write

like horses dream

and that i dance

like wolves scream

and that i sleep

when i can

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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