when i drink my lungs fill up with holy liquids: blood and bile

i need a machine to breathe for me for a while

a long time ago, these words were spoken:

1. m: "did you know ________ was gay? i never had any idea"

c: "yeah, i can't believe i used to hang out with him. i wish i had known at the time"

k: "yeah, i never would have made out with him if i had known he was gay"

2. m: "you should invite your buddy"

k: "which buddy?"

m: "the one from your class. achmed, or mahuktuk, or whatever."

k: "you mean jon?"

m: "yeah, the brown guy"

3. d: "that's a nice attach"

k: "thanks. my friend found it in a dumpster"

d: "ha - really?"

k: "yeah"

d: "well it goes well with your coat, then"

k: "yeah i uh hey what?"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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