the russian sun sets

and darkness rises

there are not enough towels to soak up this mess

i want someone to put a hand on my stomach

someone who doesn't care that i'm afraid to have a hand on my stomach

last night the smoke detector went off 12 times

i tried hard to sleep through it

hoping there was really a fire

not just something else in this house that doesn't work very well

i'd only miss the things that help me to remember

letters and photos and ticket stubs and so on

right afer the first time i had sex

i made a careful note of the songs that were playing during

(yeah, there was more than one, assholes)

because it seemed like an important detail to always remember

right now i can't even think of one of them

i just remember that i didn't want to forget them

darkness rises like heat does

slowly, then getting heavy and sinking

but it's always replaced

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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