some days are too dull to pierce

on valentine's day i went to this shitty club

this girl gave me a hug and said


i had no idea what she was talking about

"oh okay," i said

it was her birthday, and no one told me

later, we're sitting down and the women

are talking about guys they've dumped in the past

laughing about breaking their hearts

"the day i dumped him he called and left SEVEN messages saying how much he still loved me hahaha he was so pathetic"

which is laughably pathetic, but we've all had our pathetic moments, right

i'm occasionaly talking to my friend next to me

he's going to go visit a guy he works with in the hospital tomorrow

he was snowboarding and landed from a jump with his legs completely straight

he's an ex-junkie, so his bones are brittle and he doesn't have very much cartilage

his femur and the bone in his lower leg both smashed through his knee and into each other

making a big mess of broken bones and torn flesh

he'll probably need a cane for the rest of his life

he's probably already suffered through more than most people you know before this happened

i wonder if he told them not to give him any morphine in the hospital

i'm mostly thinking about post-colonial theory, like the huge nerd that i am

i order a cider, it costs 7 damn dollars plus a tip

this girl starts talking about a guy she used to date and how disgusting his beard and all beards are

my friend says, "they're insulting your beard"

"bitches," i say

"scandalous hos," he says

everyone pretends not to hear our stupidity

then the girl who dated the guy with the beard moves the table and spills my cider on my lap

the walk back to my car is cold and long and lovely, though

i've just drank some free red wine that was only a little too dry

and i've got some great old soul music waiting for me inside of it

so it's ok

so fucking what?

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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