right and fine a thousand games

if you're alone you get more alone

as it gets more cold

stupidand sweetcheeked

it's all hard, even sleep

a relent is what she showed me

with her fingers on a map

of all the veins and arteries

her veins and arteries

and then i knew

"you wring me"

"i ring you?"

"no, like you wring me dry"

it's a morning without sun

it's a morning without love

your bare knees against the bathroom floor

as you cough and puke up blood

and you realize right at

that dark long moment that you're not

as happy with the things you've had

as with the thing you got

a conversation my friend had:

Q. "there's these two dogs"

A. "..."

Q. "and they're going to die from the heat

in the back of this car"

A. "can i help you with a new phone line?"

Q. "no, i'm at a payphone what should i do about the dogs?

i'm worried about them"

A. "why would you phone us?"

Q. "i didn't know who i should call

what i should do"

A. "maybe you should call the police"

Q. "well, fuck"

A. "..."

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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