this cop was telling me

that nothing i did

would make sense

until i died

and when i was dead

it wouldn't matter

'cause i'd be dead

i looked at his badge

and said i could live again

there is a sick tree

it's leaves are brown in spring

and there are no blossoms

the wind is lonesome for them

it wants to throw them to the ground

soft pink and submissive

you found your dog's body

laying cold in your unmade bed

pain shot through your arms

you started reading more than

the sports and the comics

in the newspaper

your legs are not as pretty

as they were before

and your new job

pays you $11 an hour

less than

the one you lost

when you see a robin it


makes you smile

and i know you think they're beautiful

so i started eating butterflies

and earthworms

for you

i think robins are ugly birds

except when they're singing

i think your feet are ugly

and so do you

so you trap them in fabric

and tie leather tight around them

your feet don't sing

or even fly

i guess they can run

and dance,


i think more stories

should end with

it all being a dream

and the protagonist waking up

i hope that's how our story ends:

like the wizard of oz

or maybe we could even

wake up to breakfast in bed

but i'm sure it would be

lumpy porridge

slightly green-tinted

and we'd be hungover

and you would go teach children

to be great

and if not to be great

to recognize greatness

like crocodiles recognize it

they will chase after the great ones


you taught yourself to pick up

the pretty stones on the path

and you expect the men you know

to teach themselves the same

but they won't

they will learn to fuck their wives

inside of a large clean house

quiet so the kids don't wake up

beautiful wives

they will learn to drink whiskey

and be brave

i will learn to be brave

in parking lots

so i stop puking up all the

partially digested

worms and butterflies

into your lap

my stomach will stay a cemetary

my lips will be a bridge

my tongue will be a freight train

full of napalm bombs

your eyes and teeth glow

like they belong

in a wolf's skull

and i'm thinking this might

take a while

i check the gas gauge

a quarter tank

i've always meant

to be this fearless and shameless

and i'm glad to see

that's what you meant too

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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