m. takes me sailing and the wind on the ocean
is great and demanding, and our ears take it in with the sounds of the seagulls;
when the cool night comes later, we can eat all the creatures
we've caught in our nets and fall into our madness.

i say my love's made of nothing - i've got nothing to give you
but time and a flood of bad Poems that i wrote
when the water was still as the blood in our veins,
and as she speaks, i am learning her language:

'well nothing's enough, we'll make it from what
we find and can steal, like water made river by eating the earth;
our love, it will darken as it carries away

our bodies our minds and our blood in its current;
we'll travel as far and as fast as it takes us
all we need is each other when the sky opens up'

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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