once in health class in grade four
we were going
over some four food groups government
propaganda about how we should eat
and the teacher was doing like
trueorfalse-everyoneraiseyourhand and we'll see
how many people are right
and how many are wrong
and she says 'honey is better for you
than sugar. ok, true?' and
i'm the only one who raised my hand
and she said to me in in a voice
like i was retarded 'okay,
exactly is honey
any better for you than sugar
it's all just garbage'
and then the whole class laughed
at me for being so stupid
but she didn't know what the fuck
she was talking about
and neither did anyone laughing

then this other time she asked
why things don't just go
flying off into space -
what causes gravity -
and i put up my hand and
guessed that it was because
the earth spins so fast
that we get stuck to it and if it
stopped rotating we'd all fly off

and she said, 'yes, kirk,
that's right'

so i guess we're even

but how the hell
did she get that job

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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