don't worry about how much light our love will bring the world,
because there are worse things than darkness, and some days you're
going to wish the sun never rose, and some nights even
the way the water catches the moon will be much too much.

your eyes will long for a darkness that they can't adjust to,
a darkness like the bottom of the ocean, and we will
have that darkness in our hearts and you will feel it when we
kiss underneath a tree that shades us from the sky's white heat.

well, in that eclipse, it will be impossible to tell
which body the softness of the heartbeats we hear is coming
from and we wouldn't be closer if our corpses were consumed

by fire and the ashes were mixed together; when we're that
close there will be no master or slave, only
two souls rejoicing in the silence they've found (nothing hurts).

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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