when you are around there is never a lemon lifesaver -
the pineapples and oranges are always in abundance,
beers bottles never foam over, raindrops fall pure to our tongues
,and nectarines ripen perfect plump and sweet in your presence.

the moon shines down silver, never grey or white, when it
shines down on you - it tries hard to compete with the stars
to be beautiful for you; the flowers never wilt, but keep their
colours and let their lazy aromas fill the room.

and so i have said farewell to drink and now let arguments
end before they begin - i have pressed my hands into the
fast flowing water of the river and watched the dirt wash away

and so i have started dancing to anything - even
the sparrows' simple songs, my spirit rises with the sun
and there is always something to celebrate: your fire, your shade.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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