but i stayed and waited, wanting her (or something (or
her)) as this hemisphere slowly tilted toward the closest
heat, which was a start, but still, when i folded my arms,
my skin cracked open and everything bright and red met the air.

it burned and i bled quietly and i moved slowly so as not
to tear anything else open, but i moved forward while cries
and shouts rang out around me that shook my rib cage; while the
night overtook my resolve and i screamed with them all, blindly.

but i felt my feet could take me farther and i found a place
i would soon call home, where it was soft - water washed
over my wounds and and the black smoke withdrew from my mind.

she taught the earth to be tender; orange flowers bloomed in
her hair and the petals fell down onto my chest where they
soaked up saltwater droplets; she taught the sun to heal.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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