"there are quiet birds, too, you know"

where were you when you were a wee baby?

last night you told me while

smiling the same smile like when this dying smiling man

once told me that

the day after he had

committed his first ever truly

selfless and kind act

he found himself in this hospital

hooked up to all these tubes

what you said was that

where you were then was

in the arms of someone

who never loved you

and that she will be happier

when her memory goes like

everyone's in yr. family

and she can forget that you

exist but that you won't let her

you'll buy a plane ticket

and be beside her on her deathbed

to make her remember

what she held

the tubes never did much


gave him a couple more days

to be his mistakes

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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