sometimes the way isn't clear

the light works, but the compass don't

on the keychain you got in yr. cereal box

then take someone or

let someone take you

it's the same thing

just walk the rest slowly

glistening white under electric lights

your body will be late

and near death

then take someone else or

let someone else take you

it's still the same thing

you'll be farther away then you started

but walk the way slowly, still

my hands shake all day every day

but my hands shake like

the oak's leaves shake

and when they nailed jesus to the cross

and he asked god to forgive them

prayed for them

well, all we can hope

is that sometime we might do something

quite so beautiful


that would bring tears to

eyes that get blood from hearts that

are not too hard yet

when its

spoken of thousands of years later

and we all will fail at that

but at least we could

warm some bodies in our homes

make some souls feel worth

let some limbs rest

ease some pained muscles

ease some painful thoughts

wet some parched throats

in the proccess

of failing so surely

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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