let's end the world together: we are taut wires singing,
trembling rhythmically in the wind ( our simple motions
are synchronized - there are separate selves but there's one sound),
it will be easy: the earth is nothing we can't dissolve.

sit and cry with me a minute first, though, for all the bodies
as beautiful as ours that have dangled before, as the
living sat and watched and then in the evening went to their
living rooms and sat and watched while their dogs howled and moaned.

claustrophobia is what got to the dogs, and it will
hit a person learning to be lonely just as hard, and
we've been lonely and we've lived in small spaces with rattling

pipes, amongst spiders and rats until we found wide open
air where we could live immense lives and let our passion pour
out of our mouths and hearts and veins - into the world we're dooming.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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