1. this guy was answering phones for the phone company

and gets a call from this retarded guy

it comes up on the computer that his helper's name is darren

he wants to add a new service, so the phone guy needs to verify that it's actually him first

asks him his address and such

when he asked for the postal code

the customer was like 'uhhh, i dunno HEY WHAT'S MY POSTAL CODE....OK...T4R 5V8'

and the phone guy says 'thanks, was that darren there you were asking?'

'uhh, yeahhh, how did you know?'






'um, hi this is darren what the hell did you just say to him?'

'uh, i just told him i knew you were darren cause of magic'

'man, you can't say shit like that to him. he's got a fear of the unknown.'

'oh, sorry'

'it's ok'

and so on

2. _____e is walking through a parking lot

with ___h____ and a truck drives by

its shocks squeak as it goes over a speedbump

______e turns around and shakes her head at it and is all

'in ur dreams, boyz!!!1!'

and ___h____ is like 'what'

______e says, 'didn't you hear them whistling at me, trying to pick me up?'

'um, oh yeah, i heard that'

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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