i will always be there with you child

but sometimes i might be in disguise

maybe as a track mark on your skinny

junky arms, or maybe as a black key

on the piano you're banging on with

bleeding fingers while your face is

smiling so hard your cheeks hurt so

bad, or maybe as your mother's moan

at night that you hear through the

wall when you're staying overnight

at her house the first time since

her new boyfriend has moved in or

maybe as the welt on the back of

the little kid living next door

from when he made the bad error

of throwing a temper tantrum on

an evening that his dad had too

many drinks to control his own

temper or i might be disguised

as the tressle that is holding

up the bridge you're crossing

on your bike on your way over

to play chess with an old man

with a biblical name (perhaps

daniel), or masquerading like

a final notice from the visa

corporation, or the owner of

a pawnshop where you've come

to pawn the pocket watch you

got from your grandfather a

few days after your twelfth

birthday, or disguised as a

vision of christ descending

from the heavens to explain

the nature of the universe

to you alone after you've

eaten eight grams of mush

on an empty stomach, or i

could be disguised as the

place that you call home

or the very life in your

blood could sometimes be

me; the secret whispered

by your best friend, too

or, i might be the wind

that carries your lover

's voice across valleys

and over mountains when

he calls your name and

sometimes i'll be the

apologetic sigh that

he lets out on those

times when he comes

too soon, and other

times disguised as

the hate you feel

towards the place

you were born and

raised. so always

realize: i'll be

there beside you

somehow, friend

my soul is near

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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