she's 4'11

and about 90 pounds

and i always tell her

she should join the circus

that that's what i'd do

if i was lucky enough

to be a midget

when she's sober

she always says

i wish i had some money

if i had some money

i could get drunk

later she's always drunk

and crying and asking

everyone if they hate

her and - if we're

outside - probably falling down

in some grass

when she's drunk she's sad about boys

when she's sober she's sad about her dad

his words are few,

and cruel

sometimes i try to explain to her

(without making her think i hate her)

that she's not a very good drunk

maybe she shouldn't always be drunk

maybe just sometimes, instead

then she always gives me a look

like i'm crazy

and what i'm saying is crazier

and also in chinese

but not normal chinese

crazy chinese

no, i'm not

very good

with words

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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