it is the naked wonder in her voice when she says 'an
entire room. filled with flowers.' that makes me drunk with
its beauty and truth- i have no need for money or to
pretend i have money, i am always fat as a king.

what we want is what we are and what we wanted was what
we were and what we will want is what we will be, so when
there will be loss and again there will be loss until the
world comes to an end - we'll want less and less - then to be damned.

fatherless, and incapable of decision, it is
hard to become anything but beautiful, as long as
neither one surrenders. that pear is turning colour on

the counter, that gentleman did that thing to that dog and
i look at you from so far away when we make love but
my eyes are worthless; something invisible is so close.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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