that car was old, rusted, and it had this smell...i pulled it over -
it was sleepy and the engine was gonna overheat -
i scraped the wheels against the curb and we stepped into the night -
me half asleep til your amber legs in the headlights woke me.

i knew they'd be cold in my hot palms, but that you wouldn't
squirm, cause we were gonna start a fire, we were
gonna conjugate the verbs, we were gonna tear something apart-
so we left the sidewalk - went past the evergreens toward the moon.

we saw the lights and shadows in the windows across the street
and pressed our weary, shivering bodies up against each other,
threw our glasses into the dirt 'cause we were close enough

to see each other's smiles clearly with our broken eyes and
we can trace the lines of our bodies with fingers; alone
as the air oxidizes, we are the only ones to fight the silence.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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