he tried to force all his fingers

through the holes in his face

children recognize company logos

before they can recognize letters

of the alphabet

and i can remember bleeding for four hours


didn't think i had that much blood in me

afterwards pale, and shakey

i drank a coke

and then went to school

where they told us that lately

kids had been choking each other

unconscious, 'cause you get a

little high the few seconds before

you black out and this has got to

stop it's real dangerous

and i thought well what a good idea

glad they brought it up and i was

glad that they gave us bibles

at a public school

i read mine

when i was nine

and i read naked lunch

when i was eleven

they changed things

i didn't feel weird anymore about not

being able to sleep at night

i thought everyone else was

fucked up for being able to

and i started thinking that

between school and t.v.

a lot of my time was devoted to

worthless bullshit

but i kept going to school

and i kept watching t.v.

for a long time

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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