the year was 1963 the sun was gone, the sun was gone

and all that anyone could talk about was how it shone, was how it shone

then in 1988 it rose up again one morn

the people ran all through the streets shouted: "he is born, he is born!"

light's leaking out of your chest

i'm unimpressed and out of love

"surprise, i'm ruining your life"

two red horses run through thick blue glass

my grandparents on my dad's side like to tell the story a few times whenever i see them about

when i was five or six years old and staying at their place

sleeping, i kept moving and pressing myself right up against the wall as close as i could

and they kept trying to roll me away

and trying to explain that the wall was

freezing cold in the middle of winter

so i should sleep in the middle

not touching it

i said "look, i don't want to fall out of bed"

i don't understand why they're so obsessed with it

my cousin tells me he set his mom's ex-husband's combine on fire

because he hit her

he doused it in gasoline and then threw a burning kleenex on it

he smashed out the windows of his truck too

probably the best things to do, really

i hated the guy the moment i met him

it took everyone else a lot longer to feel the same

he tells us this, then we go and smoke cherry oil parked in front of this bathing suit store

and i swear to god in the middle of the night two absolutely gorgeous girls

show up with keys, unlock the door and head into the store to try on bathing suits

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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