she's got snot in her nose and

she's got death in her eyes

says, take a bath sailor

says, that's not what i paid for

says, don't try and act innocent traitor

there are millions of bodies between us right now

and let's not even talk about all the

air trees hills and so on in the way too

because mostly my decisions are

simply against harm

and nothing to do with friendship, friend

i never planned to be along/alive so long

warmth only confuses me

you'll die shooting blanks

they'll bury you sitting up

sans-coffin so you can taste the dirt

as you become dirt being tasted

i was born with these dumb mournful eyes

i was born with this dumb mournful heart

the water touches my feet

better'n anyone

so leave


Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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