"if you don't cry, then it isn't love"

see, the problem here is

you haven't been through the fire

you need to understand that

even if you want to you can't

always repent, 'cause you'll never

feel sorry for every one

of your sins

but keep that chiclet grin

wide and see that the dark lasts

longer than the light so you got to

get born while your spirit still walks

my name is kirk

you can judge me while i'm standing

'cause i know i'll be judged

when my heart's still

even before my body is layed

in the dark, wet earth

but before my life's gone

my last words will be spoken

not to any of you

only to the moon

i will speak clearly

with what force i can muster

but it's still far away

so, shh

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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