on wednsday morning:

i wake up and decide to go back to sleep

then i wake up again and reset my alarm again

i dream a bit

wake up a third time, lay in bed for fifteen minutes

think about masturbating, decided against it, go into to the bathroom

sit on the toilet and read a chapter of heavier than heaven

i get in the shower and wash my hair

there's a power outage

and my nose starts bleeding at the exact same moment

so i just stand in the shower and wait for the lights to come back on and my nose to stop bleeding

these things happen within 30 seconds of each other

i'm covered in blood

so i clean myself up

i get out of the shower

go to the bathroom again

brush my teeth

go into my room and put on some clothes

i walk out into the hall and decide not to comb my hair, and think about shaving

i haven't for six days, and it's starting to look sort of gross

i decide to shave tomorrow

go downstairs

put on my siwash and my shoes and got into my car

on wednsday night:

go to a concert with my brother

it is good

rock and roll

his friend asks chris murphy to sign her bra

he says he's too embarrassed

and draws a bra on the ticket that he

signs for her

it's his birthday

on friday night:

i haven't slept for days

we're at van gogh's restaurant at 2:30 in the morning

this guy asks me to come smoke a joint with him and his friend

i decide it will probably help me sleep

we go outside

come back after

i'm standing drinking a glass of water

i think that i might fall asleep standing up

next thing i know

i'm dreaming about

sitting in a truckstop diner with the girl i love

it seems to last a long time

i wake up on the floor of van gogh's

circled by 5 arabs, a 300 pound man and a beautiful girl

i don't know where i am

this seems like the dream

and the truckstop diner

seems like the reality

i'm hoping that's what is going on

but i slowly remember that

these people are my friends

and where i am

i stand up and tell everyone

that i feel asleep

i went headfirst into this little table about a foot off the ground

this become the funniest thing ever to happen

for the next while

a friend drives my car home

on saturday night:

we leave the theatre downtown

walk to the parking lot across the street

three women are walk past us

a nun

a woman with a really long blonde wig

and a midget wearing a trenchcoat


we get in the car and drive

a guy runs in front of the car

and we see in the middle of the road

there's a pile of about a hundred dvd's

and one man frantically trying to pick them up

by himself

with nothing to carry them in

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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