i can't get the dirt out of the cuts in my hand

i have trouble talking to those i'm close to about how i'm feeling

so why would i talk to a stranger?

i'm working on be being better at that, maybe

and maybe asking for help too

cause i learned that that's weak and pathetic from him

and now he's probably going to leave because of that

(i pray he doesn't every night and a few times during the day(there is a "chance" he won't))

i was suprised(happy/almost tearing) at photos of me taped to his desk (filled with sticky rum-soaked papers) and that he kept my graduation ceremony schedule

we are the folk and this is our festival and i missed it

i hope you're ok, but there's actually eight people who read this so far, so that's a vague you

i love everyone today, except myself

my hands sting

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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