your eyes

your rise

i walk fast across the ice

i'm young if i fall it's all right

i gambled on dark thoughts

wandered with soft-spoken men

telling dirty jokes

it's so easy to damn yourself

but it's so easy to be saved

a kind word has never done me any good

but they've hurt comin' out of the mouth

left me looking for a name to change to

one as pretty as your face

on your 19th birthday

before i went west

and my stomach got flat

and you were tying that man to your bedposts

we taste life

and see death

in sweets

in sleep

and hear christ

in every river running

and every wave crashing

and (if we listen close enough

(ignoring the heartbeats and breaths


in the blood flowing through our veins

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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