my conception was immaculate

: egg split without ejaculate

you're all that and

i'm everything that you're not


"life is not worth living" - cÚline

on my way to work this morning

i passed this old man on my block

who was just shuffling along

in front of his house

on my break a few hours later

i dropped off my mom's car

(christ, i need to get mine fixed soon)

and he was still out there pacing

up and down the sidewalk

several hours later i was walking home

and still, he was out there wandering

in front of his neighbour's house this time

and he says to me, "another hard days work done with?"

and i say to him, "yeah, i guess"

and keep walking and i feel bad

for not stopping and talking to someone so lonely

but i've only slept three hours in the past four days i'm exhausted

and i'm already horribly sad and

i know how he'll depress me

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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