when you are laying in my arms, you say
'it's fine' and when i
smash the helicopter we're flying into a stop sign
you say 'it's fine' - there's nothing to worry about while your
mouth hangs open and your hand rests limp and the base of my spine.

the darkness is lovely in this room, and soon my breath will
be as slow and soft as yours that i feel on my skin like
the mountaintops feel the wind - i will give up the day, and
we will give up everything but the blood in our veins.

in the morning, when the sun hollers so loud we can no
longer ignore it, your dreams of flying will end and our
eyes will open looking for heaven - when they only see

each other, we won't be disappointed; our smiles will be
at their brightest before the day's blue skies have chance to
dull them, while what we are together in the night stays a while.

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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