last night i dreamt you were sitting

and i knelt down and kissed you quickly

on the lips, we kept our mouths closed

it is time to dress your daughters up

in frogsuits and hold them tightly

let them cry on your shoulders

a couple weeks ago someone spoke up

and asked me if i grew my beard to

try to be more like my dead father

subconsciously it might be a reason

but it's more likely that i simply

am like my father in that and many ways

it's a way to hide yourself and

stand out at the exact same time

it's a way to be lazy

things we desire

last night i dreamt we were dancing

i was wearing my cowboyw shirt with cowboys

and indians fighting each other

as we moved as i held you i rembered

how much i loved you i could feel

how much we loved each other

i woke up fast and hard right then

like you wake from a nightmare

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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