approximately, a story my grandma told me:

so she quit the nursing home and started working at the inn in the bar there

she was very pretty and blonde and

after waitressing there few months she was pregnant and the father well who knows

she thought it might be this rich farmer who had a farm a ways out east

but she couldn't say for sure

in those days it was a big deal, getting pregnant when you weren't married to anyone and her parents were both dead and she was young and

she didn't think she could take care of him herself so

she sent her child up north right when he was born and he was raised by nuns, (and you know what nuns are like), for most of the time, you know

and then he lived with a bunch of different foster parents

kelly, that was his name

he was always the skinniest, palest most beautiful red haired boy

when he was nineteen he was still the skinniest, palest most beautiful redheaded boy

and he had been on his own for about a year and a bit since he left his last foster parents and he got married to a beautiful girl

her parents were french and for some reason i remember that she crossed her 7's

like the french do

well they had been married a couple months and she got pregnant

and then a couple months after that he got a job as a police officer

oh, and he was so proud

he looked so silly and his uniform was too big and he was too nervous and forgiving to be a policeman, but he was so proud

you know, and a few weeks after he was started

there was this crazy man who had escaped from an institution

and there was some report of someone saw him hiding in this little bit of forest that's right by john's farm

so they sent out kelly and his partner to try and find this man that

i can't remember his name, but he used to live in town before he got locked up

something very wrong with his head

he was waiting up in this tree

and somehow he had got a rifle

and when kelly and his partner walked toward the tree

kelly was walking ahead and he got shot

and he died, you know

he was shot in the head

and everyone was so sad

and i guess that about a year before he had found out who his mother was and tried writing her and

she had answered that

there must be some kind of mistake

she had never had a son, he had the wrong woman

but she was there at the funeral

crying harder than his pregnant wife or anybody

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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