"so why did you apply for this job?"

"well, at my current grey-collar job, i see all the white collar workers come in

completely mindless

they worry about saving three cents on their gas

about how good of a job the car wash did

whether i laugh at their attempts at humour

it makes them happy when chocolate bars are a quarter cheaper than usual

they sigh and complain about the weather

they ask how i am and show the same indifference to my answer

whether its "fine", "suicidal", or "i am completely saturated with joy and happiness and wonder"

none of them ever even hum songs, let alone sing them

if they see me dancing with someone i work with it upsets them every time

their kids don't like them

and they don't seem to like their kids that much

if you try to talk to them about love or beauty or suff..."

"so what you're saying is..."

"i want to become that

i want die

at least a little bit"

"we can start you at 20 an hour"

"good, i'll be able to start shopping at old navy"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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