so at around six in the morning

i've just taken off my pumpkin costume

and we decide to go drunkenly box

out in the street that is covered

in smooth smooth ice and, like, i don't know

how to fight so i keep getting punched

in the face and i'm so drunk

and we both are falling over

and now i can feel a little bit of

tooth missing then we went back in

and i went and threw up blood

and really dry merlot and newcastle

into the toilet

but like this has been a good night

well, what i can pick out from the blur

and there was this girl there dressed

up as tippi hedren from the birds

i was completely smitten of course

i gave her the socks off my own feet

but of course i don't actually know

how to actually talk to anyone

today two diamonds turned into one

and mr. wheelchair was happy

as the icicles melted and shimmered

i feel like i'm dying and want to live forever

instead of the usual other way around

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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