a couple weeks ago i was at a neko case concert

and she was wonderful

before the concert i was sitting on the floor

in front of these two middle aged women

they were loud, so i eavesdropped

they were talking about passion

both of them declared they had no passions in their lives

but with their husbands, kids and jobs

they didn't have time for anything they could be passionate about

so it was ok, they couldn't handle anything else

maybe, when i get old, one of them said, i'll find something that i really enjoy and care about

i hope i don't end up like my mother

watching tv, eating and doing nothing else

their husbands came back with beers

and their beer bellies

laughing obnoxiously

about something stupid that happened at the office

the conversation about passion died immediately

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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