on our way to his dad's house

we were on a train again

it seemed like we were always on trains

we got off and james phoned his dad

on his cell phone

that otherwise he only ever used for e-mail

almost no one talks on their phones there

we waited at the station outside

it was dark and deserted

his dad showed up in a little van

there had been an accident on the main road

so it was backed up for miles and miles

we took a short cut through these tiny winding streets through villages

his dad driving insanely in the dark unlit rain

never slowing down for turns, barely missing buildings

we got out back to the road past the accident

a guy driving a big cargo truck asked

how we got through

and james' dad tried to tell him

he didn't understand the directions

but he headed off that way anyway

there is no way his truck made it through the narrow roads

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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