15 things to think about while you suffocate:

1. it's still snowing

2. if the sun is god, then the universe is sunbeams

3. giant centipedes are the most frightening insects there are

4. in two thousand years no one will celebrate your death

5. it would be lovely to get a winnebago and wander around the continent for a few months with a good friend and a stranger

6. desire and will are the only solely human characteristics left, except for desire

7. now would be a good time to stop whoring yourself

8. death in general

9. they are going to start breeding giant squids in captivity

10. no one was trying to save you before, why would they start now?

11. sound taken out of time and into eternity is magic

12. the shamans are our only hope

13. warm socks can make the difference

14. water tastes better from rivers deep in the woods

15. the flowers you're holding don't make you any less ugly

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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