some thoughts about beautiful losers:

so i would say that it is powerlessness that makes someone a loser

not having the power to get or achieve what one desires

whether the means or the ends involves love, money(an' what it can buy), happiness, sex, or something else

so, not necessarily a controlling power, but more power in the the sense of just plain ability

losers are marginalized by the rest of society, for different reasons

maybe because of class, race, looks, sexuality, gender, nation, intelligence, beliefs, or

maybe because they lack power

but maybe their lack of power comes from the marginalization itself

the cause and effect is not there, but the correlation is high

so exclusion from any real participation in the mainstream society is what they all have in common

and also, because of this, failure

constant failure

doomed failure, even

there are two ways that i can think of that losers can be more beautiful during the prolonged fall that is their life, than any successful person ever is

first, is the sustained effort to succeed even when one understands that they will absolutely fail

the loser who tries something over and over, because they think maybe the next time they might succeed is just pathetic, and deluded about their shortcomings

but if after 99 failures someone earnestly tries a 100th, knowing full well that he/she won't fare any better this time

that is beautiful

the absolute spiritual success in playing out the relative mental and/or physical failure one more time just because it's what needs to be done

is maybe why

the second, and maybe more beautiful thing

is when a loser has a chance to succeed

and acquire the real and abstract objects that they desire

or even more so when a loser has a chance to be accepted by the rest of society, to leave the margins and take part

and the loser ignores it, or actively tries to ruin it

if the purposeful failure comes not out of fear or stupidity

but instead from a desire to stay uncompromised, pure, and holy

through this desire to suffer in order to continue one's sacred struggle

one becomes a beautiful loser

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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