he says

you know that building on seventeenth ave

we're going to open a beauty salon there

it's going to start out all painted white

with one single table in it

the table will be white

and the beautician working there

will be dressed all in white

and will do your nails for you

then when we start to get more customers

we'll add more white tables

and white curtains that seperate them

the curtains will match the white of the room exactly

even if we have to repaint the whole rooom

and of course the new people who work there will all be dressed in white too

do you think that it'll do well

i say i dunno if the people who would appreciate that would be the kind of people who get manicures

like i think it's pretty cool, but i'm not going to get my nails done

he says well we'll see

i say you should only hire albinos

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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