we were walking by this picture in the hall

of this guy who used to be the t.a. for an interface design class i took

that was beside an explanation of the research he was doing into computer graphics stuff

and i had always thought he was an all right guy

we talked whenever we saw each other in the hall and such

the guy i was walking with today said that they should take the picture down

i asked why

"he's probably going to be in jail for a long time"

"what did he do?"

"let's just say that if he was down in the south he'd probably be executed"

"did he kill someone?"



"yeah, a six year old kid"


this guy that i had thought was a decent person

was actually the most evil, cruel piece of shit that i've ever known personally

i wonder how i could not have known somehow

if i should trust my judgments about anyone i know anymore

also if somehow i could have prevented something

i pray the child will somehow be ok at some point

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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