"how are you?"

"i'm all right, how're you?"

"i'm good, how has your year been?"

"it's been fine. how about yr.s?"

"it was ok. why don't you ever call me?"

"i dunno...'cause i'm a jerk"

"heh, well, yeah, you are"

"well how come you never call me?"

"i did, but you were never home and you didn't return my calls and then you went on that trip or something"



"well i'll call you then sometime"

"ok, i'm going to the bathroom, i'll be right back"


"i recognize you"

"no, i don't think you do"

"yeah i do, did you go to beaverbrook?"

"no, i went to western"

"well did you go to the elementary school around here?"


"how old are you?


"you must be friends with my daughter"

"who's yr. daughter?"



"one-arm, her name is r____, but everyone knows her as one-arm, because she only has one arm"

"no, i don't know anyone with one arm"


"listen man you can flirt with j____ as much as you want but if anything else ever happens i'll kill you"

"what the fuck are you talking about? we're just friends and you've been her boyfriend for two years so you really should have some sort of trust by now and with my record with women i'm also probably the last guy you should worry about"

"oh, i was just joking"

"no, you weren't"

Moi, j'avais jamais rien dit. Rien

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